January 2018. Lab's paper "Not all Nitrogen Atoms are Equal: Contribution of Peripheral versus Internal Amines to the Observed Reactivity and Capture Properties of Melamine Dendrons on SBA-15" is online at Chemical Communications.

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December 2017.  Joe Hittinger joins the lab.  Welcome Joe!

November 2017.  Lab gave two talks at AIChE in Minneapolis.  Well done!

October 2017.  Lab's paper in collaboration with the Gibb lab "Pore Modified FDU-12 as a Novel Container for Dendron Growth" is online at Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

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September 2017. Naseem Hayek, a PhD student from Professor Oz Gazit's lab at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology is visiting the lab for a month.  Welcome Naseem!

September 2017.  Ross passed his prospectus exam - Congratulations!

July 2017.  Meysam passed his prospectus exam - Congratulations!

July 2017. Lab's paper "Palladium Dendron Encapsulated Nanoparticles Grown from MCM-41 and SBA-15" is online at Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

July 2017.  Lab's paper "Synthesis and Characterization of Tin, Tin/Aluminum, and Tin/Boron Containing MFI Zeolites" is online at Microporous and Mesoporous Materials.

June 2017. The lab had a very productive NAM meeting - two posters and two presentations.  Congrats everyone!

May 2017.  Leandra Caywood joins the lab as a summer REU student from the University of Alabama Huntsville - welcome!

May 2017.  Dan is an invited speaker at the RE3 Workshop in Louisville.

May 2017.  Maya completes her prospectus (candidacy exam).  Congratulations!

May 2017.  Aibolat, Peter, and Zac give excellent presentations at the 2nd year student symposium.

April 2017.  Maya and Meysam presented posters at the Spring SWCS meeting in Houston.  Well done!

April 2017.  Lab's paper "Synthesis and Growth Kinetics of SSZ-39" is online at IE&C Research.


February 2017.  The lab will give multiples presentations at NAM this coming June in Denver.  Congrats everyone!

January 2017.  Dan is an invited participant in the DOE Workshop “Basic Research Needs for the Energy-Water Nexus: New Approaches to Ensure Robust and Secure Energy and Water Systems Workshop”

November 2016.  Junxing finishes his time in our lab and heads off to Finland.  All the best Junxing!

October 2016.  Maya is awarded the Schlumberger Scholarship.  Congrats!

May 2016.  Zac, Aibolat, and Peter all passed their qualifying exams.  Congratulations!

December 2015.  Jonathan Coote begins work on a program sponsored by SACHEM to understand the growth of SSZ-39.

November 2015.  Dr. Junxing Han joins the lab from Zhejiang University, China.  Welcome! 

November 2015.  First year PhD students Zac Gentle, Aibolat Koishybay and Peter Miller join the lab! 

August 2015.  Dan and former SABIC colleague Scott Mitchell publish an AIChE Perspectives Article on future feedstocks for the Chemical Industry.

May 2015.  Maya, Meysam and Ross all pass the qualifying exams.  Congratulations!

November 2014.  First year PhD students Maya Lou, Ross Ransom, and Meysam Shahami join the lab.  Welcome!